Monday, June 11, 2012


At Vespers June 2, 2012
On June 9th she walked across the stage at Ashbrook High School with honors and was handed her diploma.  I was so proud of her and what all she has accomplished in her past 12 years of school.  Now she is off to the beach for the week and enjoying herself with some friends from school.  I have a lot more pics to post but for now I just have 1.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Closing One Chapter....... Opening Another One

Jasmine Senior Picture

Deasia Standing

DaShun finally got his hair cut!!!!
DJ and Deasia
My lil thug

Always eating!!

Well lets see a lot has been going on in the Huskey household.  Jasmine is getting ready to graduate from High School finally.  I always thought I wasn't ready for that chapter of my life to close but this last semester of the school year has totally changed my mind.  There is only 1 more left to graduate and that is DaShun and that will be in 2 years.  We went to her last chorus concert on Monday and it was really good and I am going to miss those.  I love hearing them sing.  We have a lot going on over the next couple of weeks with senior picnic, Prom, Vespars, senior breakfast and then Graduation Day.  It is going to be a sad next couple of weeks but like I said it is just another chapter that will be ending but the book will always remain open it will just be another chapter starting.  It has been so interesting watching all the "kids" grow up.  Donnovan hates when I call them kids because in my eyes that is what they will always be to me.  DJ is out on his own and working full time.  We get to see Deasia ever so often.  You know you love having grandbabies because you can love them and spoil them and when you are done send them home.  She is a mess we kept her Saturday while they went to a movie and she is wide open.  All she yells is DADA all the time and then she will start this loud squel.  We took her to Lowes with us and she kept grabbing on Donnovan's tshirt trying to pull him back to her just a fussing at him and yelling DADA.  Everyone I guess is DADA.  She has 2 front teeth on the bottom and she knows how to use them too.  Eats anything you put in her mouth.  I wish I had a video to share of her eating it is hilarious.  She rolls the food around in her mouth while making this gosh awful face like it is nasty but then she will want more.  TOO TOO Cute. 

Our anniversary was May 6th and we actually got to enjoy a long weekend trip together.  Mom was going out of town so we got to stay at her house.  It was so nice not having to entertain anyone or worry about getting up letting dogs out to go potty.  We just relaxed and enjoyed everyday.  We did a lot of shopping and went to the movies.  On Sunday we did a Brunch cruise in the Harbor and it was so nice and peaceful.  The food was yummy and the staff greeted up with Happy Anniversary and had a card on our table.  I just thought that was so nice.  We left Jasmine and DaShun at the house over the weekend and yes it was still standing when we got back.  I had my neighbor keep and eye on things for me.  I think all couples need that time with each other and not just on special occasions.  That is one thing I think I have been looking forward too is that time with my hubby. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


My first granddaughter was born Sept 15, 2011. She is so so precious and she is going to be so spoiled if I have anything to do with it. I could just sit in my rocker and cuddle with her. She is so cute and so advance. It is so funny she will try to carry on a conversation with you and she thinks she really is talking. Me and her pawpaw fight over her cause he wants to rock and cuddle. We get to spend her first Christmas with her she is going to have a stocking full of bottles, teething rings, and!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stones.....My Kidney Stones!!!!

Well for the past month I have been having really bad stomach pains. I have had kidney stones before but this time the pain didn't feel the same so off to the ER I went. It has to be hurting pretty bad for me to go to an ER especially on the weekend. So they did an xray and seen my kidney stone on the left and said it was still there hasn't moved so it must be Diverticulitis. So I was like oh ok then a new thing to deal with so I was relieved I had found out what was going on and so started my meds. Well it got better but it came back in 2 weeks. So went to my local Dr and told them what was going on so they gave me some more meds to take. Got to feeling better again and at this point I was thinking am I going to have to deal with every month. No way!!! So it started feeling better again. Needless to say a week later I was back at the Dr office again told them what was going on said the same thing so back on meds again. Went over what I was eating nothing that could have flared it up again so now I was getting worried. So last Wednesday I went to eat at Cracker Barrel ( love that place) so soft foods and didn't eat a whole lot at all. Got back to work I was doubling over in pain stomach was KILLING me. So, my sweet loving husband was with me at work still, I told him I had to go somewhere he said you are going to CMC at Pineville that was the closes place. It was so funny because when I went back to get my vitals I was telling the nurse what was going on and she kept saying it sounds like a kidney stone I was like no way the pain isn't the same as before. So I sat in a little room waiting on a exam room but in the mean time I had to drink contrast and go get a MRI of my stomach. Well low and behold finally after sitting there in pain for 3 1/2 hours finally got a room. And low and behold you have a 7mm kidney stone that is lodged in your urethra right outside your kidney and it stuck. It was so big it couldn't pass it. So this is great what now. They, of course, gave me some meds to take that will expand my urethra. I did get some rest that night thank goodness. So the next day I had to follow up with a urologist. Sweet Dr she was so nice and blunt. I don't see you passing that stone and I really don't want you to go thru the weekend just to end back up in the er. So I said what do I do? Well you have 2 options 1) you can have them shocked wave 2) we can put a stint in. I was like well the shock wave doesn't sound that bad so I choose that one. BAD MISTAKE. I read up on it on line well needless to stay that is what they did in the older days now they do it totally different. That was the worst pain and if I ever have to get it done again they are going to have to knock me totally out. I had a reaction to the meds they gave me made me sick as a dog. They did break them up and I was passing them before I left the hospital. But low and behold the big one was trying to come thru that nite. It HURT!!!! I was begging Donnovan to find out if I could take more pain meds that every 4 hour stuff wasn't working. So I called mom and he tried to get my Dr that did the procedure. They both said the same thing I couldn't pop them pills fast enough that nite. I can't describe the relief I felt it was like I was floating on soft white pillow of clouds. So off to sleep I went. But my poor hubby was worried because of the meds I was taking and couldn't sleep for a long time. Bless his heart I love him:). He was a great care giver and I couldn't have went through all of this with out him. He does have patience I can vouch for that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Sweet Niece and Nephew

OK so we had the pleasure of going to my moms this weekend and seeing my little sweet beautiful niece Emma. She is so adorable that I could just kiss her little cheeks all day long. We cuddled all weekend and yes I was very selfish. I don't when the next time I would get to see her again so I had to take advantage this go around. She has really blue eyes and sort of reddish hair. She was doing good until I was feeding her and I heard her filling her diaper up and when I went to get up and seen not only was her diaper full but so was my leg. I haven't had that happen in a long time...LOL. I used to cuddle with Matthew when he was little now he doesn't have anything to do with except answer a question every now and again. So I guess the same thing will happen to Emma when she gets older. How sad we don't live closer to each other. Matthew is a very handsome fellow and smart goodness how smart he is. I loved to watch him play. We had him out on the last day chasing bubbles and the sun was bright and he kept saying sun in my eyes and he looked over the way and seen some shade next thing I know he said there is come shade and took off over there to it. How smart is that!!!!! I loved seeing Heather and spending time with her I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. She is such a wonderful mother and has so much patience and love for her children. Her and Josh are doing a GREAT job and have two precious babies. I can't wait till next time I get to see them again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun Weekend

We had a house full this weekend 6 young adults, 4 dogs, and mom & dad. WOW!!! But we had a really good time playing and laughing. So I decided to bring out the Chocolate fountain Sunday and buy some fruit and other good stuff for dipping. I couldn't keep Donnovan and Shea out of it as you can tell.

DJ's First Prom

Well this past Saturday, May 15 was DJ's first prom at Bessemer City HS. He looked so handsome and all grown up. They had another couple and 2 other ladies that joined them in a limo ride to Cheese Cake Factory in Charlotte and then off to the prom in Kings Mountain. He said he had a really good time and I am so glad he did. It is amazing how time has just flew by. I was looking at pictures the other week when he was a little boy about 5 or 6 years old. I sure have enjoyed watching him grow up and become a man. Next year will be his last year of high school and then off to college. He surely has turned out to be a fine young man. He plays football and enjoys it a lot. I am so glad that Donnovan will be home next school year so we can go to some of his games.